FsQtlFunMap 1.0

A Windows Software for Functional Mapping of QTLs in a Full-sib Family

Chunfa Tong (Email: tongchf@njfu.edu.cn)

Key Laboratory of Genetics & Biotechnology (Nanjing Forestry University), Ministry of Education, China

FsQtlFunMap is a Windows software for functional mapping of QTLs with molecular markers and trait values generated from a full-sib family. The software is written in VC++ 6.0 and works with Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 95/98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP.

FsQtlFunMap implements functional mapping with Legendre polynomials and can provide the estimates of QTL positions and the model parameters responsible for growth trajectories. After QTLs analysis, we can perform permutations to obtain the LR (log-likelihood ratios) critical value to determine whether the QTLs exist or not. Some files are generated for recording computational results in details. Finally, the profiles of the log-likelihood ratios are drawn for all linkage groups, and the curves of Legendre polynomials are drawn for each QTL genotype.

The software and its manual can be freely downloaded from the following links.

+ FsQtlFunMap 1.0
+ Manual